The Japanese word "Wagyu" literally translates to "Japanese Cow." The USDA states that in order for beef products in the USA to be labelled Wagyu, it must contain at least 47% Wagyu genetics certified by DNA typing through the American Wagyu Association. Furthermore, in order for cattle to be registered "Full-Blood" they must be certified by the registry as 100% Japanese genetics by way of DNA testing. NSW's Wagyu herd is comprised mostly of cattle ranging from a minimum of 50% to fullblood and are listed as such in our catalog. We occasionally offer Conventional Beef under our processors label. Our value priced conventional beef is raised and fed in the same way as the rest of our herd, but is not AWA certified or contains no Wagyu genetics, and will always be labeled as such.

    You can call for free home delivery anywhere in St. Tammany Parish with your order of 300 or more. Smaller home delivery or delivery outside the parish is also available on larger orders for a fee. Please refer to our Shipping Rates page.

    Yes. Because we are USDA inspected, we can ship nationwide.

    While our beef is pasture raised and has free-choice access to grasses and hay year round, it is also grain finished with a high-quality diet of natural proteins and grains such as sweet feed and corn. Our cows are never fed anything containing synthetic proteins, are never given hormones and are only administered antibiotics in the rare event one of our cows requires veterinary supervision, our cows are never fed antibiotics as a practice. Our herd is small and we do not use concentrated animal feeding operations.

    Yes! North Shore Wagyu is now offering Prime Rib Carving Stations and catering services in the local area. For more information, click here.

    In addition to our shopify store, you can find us on facebook, call us at 884-42-Wagyu or email Brandie directly at brandie@nswagyu.com. If you would like to visit with us in person, you can find us most Wednesdays at the Covington Trailhead Wednesday market.